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Hi Tango,

thanX for that offer 😉
You are exactly right, it is not urgent!
Maybe you find a way to transport it, in deed 😉

About 2 decades ago or so I’ve transported a full size 26″ mountainbike, a “Giant Coldrock”, partly disassambled of course, on my motorbike approx 750 km across Germany. Main support were the rear foot pegs and a bag across passengers seat.
I still have the mountainbike, but the Suzuki GR650Twin that has carried it, has gone shortly after that !
I had to have the money to buy my first Z750Twin, nowadays known as “The Black Lady” and still my own. Thus, my mountainbike is older than I have my first Kawa 750 Twin, oh oh, time goes by 😉

So I have to prepare a transport facility for the downtubes back from BeNeLux 😉

Cheers, Michael

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