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Hi Jett,

there are small K+N filters available for this purpose, but I don’t use them, because the oil mist is spoiling the area where it exhausts.

(Excuse my lack of english and I may use the words pipe and tube incorrect.
It is all about lines made of rubber.)

I have good experience with a very long (horizontal) rubber pipe routed to the very end of the bike (number plate).
To avoid spilling oil out there, I fitted a T-shaped piece somewhere below the driver seat, while the long tube has a bend downwards at this place.
At the T-piece I have fitted a (vertical) tube down to and below the swing arm axle, with a plug at the end.
Oil mist can condense in the horizontal tube, is collected in the vertical tube and can be drained during normal engine oil swap. (same interval)

Cheers, Michael

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