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Thanks from Sherree and I.
We will call in often and see whats going on. I cant say how pleased I am that not only are there people still interested in these lovely old machines but who are willing to put the effort into keeping a web site going.

I will dig out some ancient photos and see if I can find one or two of the brand new article. Even way back then people would ask about the bike and we even got pulled over by the police so they could check her out. We did many thousands of klms on her touring eastern Australia and even raced in some very unofficial events. We did best in mountains and best of all down hill on steep long twisty roads where the big fours of the day seemed to have to much inertia. Or perhaps we were just a little crazy. I can tell you if you push to hard they will take a left hand corner quite nicely on the front wheel and side stand leg and come back up.
We paid about $1800 au dollars for her new which about 800 pounds UK new back then.

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