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KK thanx for the welcome [ and others ].

I’m certain that with the specialised knowledge hereabouts that I will be able to get my Flat Tracker project finished early next year.

I will certainly need help with the wiring – the loom on the bike was scrap !

I keep looking at the frame and swing arm – and wonder if I wouldn’t be better off starting with a frame in reasonable condition – Mine has quite bad surface rust, and of course the chopped frame rails have to be replaced.However, that’s a relatively small point as a good shotblasting will no doubt sort that out !

In reality the only major outlay left is the stainless high level exhaust and the welding up of the Weber intake – I have pretty well most of the other parts needed.

BTW – due to the particularly violent shade of Yellow I intend to use, I’m naming the bike “Not so Mellow Yellow”. It follows on from my Porsche 356 California Speedster [ replica ] of the same name.

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