Re: Re: ltd 1000


Evening peeps,
Hmmm firstly i’m a tough old bird i work in a Mans world driving over90,0000 miles a year in a van, i get Banter all over the place and well capable to sort things out for myself….so i was not upset by the Evil Twin nobster, but sadly your not allowed to call a spade a spade anymore, hell when i was a kid “Muffin the Mule” was a kids watch with mother program and it’s paroberblly emorrel or something now doh! anyway i’m no shrinking violate( and i wouldn’t bother googeling that trust me)….. and yes this site is for z750 Twins as was pointed out to me, and i don’t have a whole one so i’m going to take the DOOR that i think has been pointed out to me and say Adios Amego’s ride safe love and peace Kaye xxx

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