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Well here goes folks . . .

It was indeed a great weekend, despite the weather on saturday.

Friday started off a great day but sadly as we arrived we had the incident with Damien. Eveyone was fantasticaly understanding and helpfull where they could be. I dont think we could have hand picked a better bunch of mates to have had around us at a time like that. Thank You all! As you are all probably aware he is back home now licking his wounds but he has learnt a massive lesson and in a comparatively easy way. Feck knows about his bike ATM, its still a mystery as to where its gone.

Your always on edge when 2 groups of your mates meet for the first time but yet again it was fantastic how everyone welcomed Phil and Daisyduke and made them feel at home. They certainly know how to introduce themselves with a bang (cheap joke) but seriously i’m proud to know you all.

All in all i think everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend, i know i did

Me n Rubes shot off back early doors as we were going to watch Bon Jovi in Manchester. Arrived at the stadium just after 4. Went in and did the usuals (cheeseburger, beer, wee, beer etc) then muscled into a good spot pretty far forward and waited . . . . and waited . . . and then we were entertained by an unannouced band called ‘Heavens Basement’. They were quite good and went down very well especially considering who they were warming up for. We then saw ‘The Feeling’ who played just over an hour and then it was ‘Bon Jovi’. As to be expected they were fantastic. They sang a mixture of old and new songs and the light show was amazing. The best part about it was they didnt want to leave stage. They played for 2 3/4 hours which is about the longest ive seen any band play for. we both had a fantstic evening. Traffic coming out was pityfull. Worse than on a match day so we about turned and cut it all out. Poor Ruby didnt get home till about 12.30 and she had to be up early doors for work as well (bless her). I think she feels it was worth it but all-in-all it was a busy but fantastically enjoyable weekend, one to be remembered for many reasons.

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