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Hi guys,

I need to share one very serious issue about my bike with you:
I see that some of you named your bikes, so I thought I should do the same. First of all, I saw that in English speaking countries you refer to bikes as “she”, but in Slovenia bikes are “male”, so it must be a man’s name.

After some serious thinking (and also after a few drinks to be honest), I came up with a name: it is GEORGE (or JURE in Slovene). And now the explanation: perhaps you know the story of a turtle named Lonesome George, who was the last of the last known individual of the subspecies of some turtle species. So I thought it would be the perfect name for my bike, which also seems to be one of the last remaining. If you are interested, here is a bit more about Lonesome George:

So that’s done, hope you will have the chance to see George in person 🙂


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