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Thanks Kaptain! I am planning a ride along the Croatian coast on Friday, around 500 km, I’ll make sure to post some photos.

I have another question: my front wheel was probably hit in the past, as I was told by the mechanic at the tyre change, because he couldn’t balance it properly. Now, after 9000 km, I noticed that the front tyre is not evenly used, it is noticebly more used on the right-center side. Could that be the result of a “bent” wheel?
Otherwise I haven’t noticed any problems during the ride, but perhaps the vibrations on the handlebars come also from that.

Do you think it would be wise to take the wheel for repairs or should I try to find a good used wheel? I was checking the eBay, but I am a bit reluctant to buy old wheel without seing it first.

Cheers, Marko

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