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Hi Marko,

that are good news !

The absolute favourites in Germany are the Bridgestone Battlax BT45
(F=front and R=rear).
Dual compound, very good thing!
and select your country 😉

Here is the direct link to the german site so you can see the profile at a first glance:

TÜV-approved replacement size for a 3.25-19(as all Kawa Z750Twins have it in the front) is the 100/90-19.
Speed index should be H.

Have a close look at your rims.
Is there something like “Tubetype only” or “Tubeless/tubleless tire applicable” stamped on them?
If you can use tubeless tires with your rims, do it and get the old valves replaced! The valve in the rear wheel should be angled by 90°, so it is much easier to control air pressure and refill air.

If they don’t offer your tire size in tubeless and “H” index, the “V” index tires will work as well an may cost about the same.

Cheers, Michael

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