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Hi Marko,

I would go for a 4-cylinder engine !
750Fours are a shame, go for 1000ccm at least.
Different ride, but powerful and long lasting even with “hard” riding.
A very popular bike at reasonable low price in Germany is the Suzuki Bandit 1200. Half fairing and ABS on board.
Kawa ZXR 1100/1200 are great but far more expensive than the Bandits.

Best for riding without any issues are watercooled engines. Much more reliable than aircooled engines.

Of course in Germany the BMW K-models are popular. Available in many different versions, that might be a good choice, …
… but only if you have ever ridden one of them !
The crankshaft is positioned along the long side of the bike, causing some tilting moments to the side.
And they have Kardan/shaft drive which influences the driving behaviour as well.
I can not stand that and refuse to ride any of the BMWs with “wrong orientated” crankshaft. Only exceptions are the F800 and the R1000RR, but these are not first choice for your purpose.

I have a Honda VFR750F (RC36) as the other bike, brilliant bike (fairing, no ABS, carbs, no Kat), mostly stock, 100.000+ km on it, needs some minor revision (hydraulic clutch mechanism), new taillight and blinker glasses (mate).
I would over it for around 1.000,- Euros 😉

Cheers, Michael

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