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I am an experienced driver but with an ABS, me and my bikes wouldn’t have touched the ground 3x in the past 30 years. I don’t like the additional stuff that is needed for it, but I like the additional security it brings.
I can perfectly understand why there is the wish to have an ABS !

Cheers, Michael

PS: All “Touch-downs” caused by overbraked front wheels:

(1x VF750C, wet condition, city traffic, sudden braking needed but did that on the slippery metal cover of a waste water canal in the middle of the road at approx 50 km/h)

(1x Z750Twin, wet condition, overland traffic, overtake + sudden emergency brake necessary at approx 100 km/h, the worst one to a bike)

(1x EL250, dry condition, first braking action after 10 years standing, rusted disk not cleaned and locking front brake at approx 30 km/h. Just 50m away from my house. The worst one to me with a still slightly damaged knee)

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