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Hey Gerosh, wow I didn’t think I’d ever see this post again:). Let’s see if I can answer some of your questions. Although I did install a new chain @ the same time as I changed the sprockets, I kept the stock link #’s, I might add a link on a future chain but the stock length is fine, right now. The 17T sprocket is about the maximun size if you leave the inner chain guard installed although I understand you can fit an 18T if you remove it. You would also have to lengthen the chain. I’m running about 5000rpm @ around 68-70mph, and haven’t lost any low-end torque. I can pretty much leave the bike in 5th gear for most riding conditions, even low rpm(2K) going uphill. Sorry I haven’t even considered changing my rear sprocket, so don’t know about that. In my, limited, experience it seems that many of the specs for the B4’s still obtain for the CSR’s(M1). The grips I got @ a local dealership but I’ve seen those same type grips just about everywhere from ebay to jcwhitney, shouldn’t be that hard to find replacements for your torn pair. I appriciate the compliment, welcome and good luck:)

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