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Man that’s great news. I was checking clearances the other day and I was skeptical. I didn’t want to remove the inner gaurd, it would fling too much crud at the wiring/clutch/neutral switch, but I was considering it since I really hate the gearing that much. I believe I read somewhere else that someone ground down their clutch rod to make room. thats pushing it. JT doesn’t appear to list their sprocket diameters, so I would have had to measure my stock sprocket and calculate radial difference per tooth increment based on the pitch and size of a 530 chain. Alas I dropped out of engineering years ago and sold all my texts for beer. So thanks for the info. I wouldn’t go any smaller in the back, I took the swing arm off and it had ruts on the top and bottom. Either I overloaded it or got carried away at the motocross competition. 😉 So I’m well into pissing away money on this bike. New Tires, x-ring chain, sprockets, shocks, front and rear brakes, tons of paint and tons of little things like a $25.00 oil filter housing o-ring/gasket. Hopefully I’ll be done by the end of riding season. I spent the whole day degreasing, rust removing, and polishing one rim. What a pain and it still looks like crud close up. The only way I can justify all this expense is that each tank of gas will save me $50.00. Based on the mileage differential of my bike and my E-250 super duty, and the projected $4.00/gallon. I remember not that long ago a 93 octane tank of gas was $3.25, and soon it will be $12.00+. Anyone remember “way” back when you could fill your car for that. Well anyways, here’s a pic of my bike right now.

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