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Here’s my first real post on this forum…

To all current and future 750 twin owners: If you have never disassembled, inspected, and repaired your starter clutch, do so NOW. I assure you, it is at least *partially* broken, and will soon cause you trouble.

If you do some simple care, it will last a very long time. Unfortunately, they have three mounting bolts that all come unscrewed from the stator rotor over time. If you catch it before too late, all you have to do it loc-tite them and re-install. If it’s too late, you face a drivetrain seizure…

On this bike, only one of the screws had backed out and ground itself against the starter sprocket until it jammed and ejected a roller and spring. This caused a seizure at about 35MPH…. kinda scary, but not deadly… However, it cracked the starter clutch housing, and caused me to push the bike a mile home…

This one, I caught it before it caught me. I took it apart just to check and found all three bolts sheared in half, ready to toss themselves out into my oil circulation….

My advice? Just remove the damned starter clutch. Leave the starter, chain, and starter sprockets though. Yes, this means you’ll be kicking it from now on…


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