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Welcome to the ‘LonesomeTwin™’ Website
The UK home for the Kawasaki 750 Twin

Almost totally ignored in its’ short production life, there are just a few of us that it made a big impression on. It lurks in the shadow of its’ big brother, just waiting for a newbie to press its starter, sigh, kick it over and take it up the road. Said newbie will be back later than expected, with a smile on his face and the immortal line “It’s not that bad is it?” written all over him. A convert is born. With 12 models to choose from why don’t you try it?

Lonesome Twin at Langstone Harbour.

The Original LonesomeTwin™ at Langstone Harbour, Hampshire.

For those of us who are smitten, now is the time to shine. If you’re not already parading the streets, then take her out of the garage and give her that well overdue TLC. Then you can proudly join us and take her back out on the roads. Together we will put the LonesomeTwin on the map.

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