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    Hi Lonesome Twins,

    can’t find my recent posts related to “Vienna”, my race-twin 😉
    Was on a narrow racetrack for four days. Two days of instructor training, another day with three coaching-turns, means 3x 15 minutes with an experienced racer, who showed me how to ride a bike properly. My declared goal was to touch the tarmac with my knees and I was successful 😉

    My son Nils #435 hunting me #676 😉

    My coach Vladan and me after my first “touch down”. Thank you, Vladan !

    That was so much fun !

    Being back on that race-track for an event called “Built not Bought” 7th-9th of June, in just five weeks.

    Yippie !!!

    Cheers, Michael




    Conti RaceAttack Comp. End.

    “Rain tires” Conti RoadAttack 3 on spare wheel set

    That is so much fun 😉
    Cheers, Michael





    This is amazing to see Michael. I never thought your twins would ever be a vision on the race track. What a great job you’ve done.




    love the look of the bike,given me ideas lol



    My son Nils testing the “Vienna” 😉 He likes it !



    Racing for the gherkin !
    This area is famous for it’s pickles and the gherkin is the award you get.

    Pole position parking 😉



    Some more pics from April 2019 😉
    Will be back on that track 7th-9th of June, so that is in just 3 weeks !!!

    I’ve won a gherkin in a “single-gherkin-party-can” (kind of pickles) 😉



    Well, I’ve washed the Vienna and gave high priority to clean the engine.
    There was still the dust and dirt from our trip to Norway in 2016 on it.

    After some activities in the garage, e.g. new steering bearings, new fork sealings and fork oil and some major modifikations like new rear suspension and rear brake, larger 7Ah battery I’ve measured the current weight.
    179,3 kg including everything but without fuel.
    Front: 90,8 kg, rear: 88,5 kg
    Filled up with 10 liters of fuel in the LTD tank it will be approx. 187 kg.

    Only minor or simple things left to do, the Vienna is ready to race again 😉
    Looks like I will start at the Built not bought in the “Caferacer Gold Cup over 650 ccm”

    Last year my best lap was 1:55, this year I want to be faster than 1:50 😉

    Cheers, “hanging-off” Michael



    Well, the “Vienna” is ready to race !

    Within two days we restored an old pocket bike. The new silencer is in the middle,  the rear fairing looks a bit like the one from “Vienna”. Driven by a sudden idea we gave it the same color scheme as the Vienna already has. That is fun 😉

    Cheers, Michael



    It is amazing what you are making these twins do and what great action shots with your son too. Great happy memories mate. Respect and Well Done



    Hi Andy,
    thank you !

    Yes, it is a pleasure to share the same passion with my son.
    I am back from a business trip to Helsinki today evening. Have to work tomorrow until 6pm, then we pack the two bikes and stuff in the trailer to start early Thursday morning.

    “Built not bought!”

    Nils decided to start with less plastic covering his bike. Ok, we’ve made some modification, used used fairing parts for that. The previous complete fairing is still unchanged and mountable.
    This is the new look and that, together with the loud Supertrapp aluminium exhaust instead of a silent KTM stainless steel exhaust saved approx. 8 kg of weight:

    That will be fun and I will update the thread with latest information and new pics next week !

    Cheers, Michael



    Everything went well and my best lap in the race was 1:45.06 min, which is 10 seconds faster than last year !

    We had a lot of fun:

    Peter participated in the training sessions as well:

    Finally I’ve lost the “fight” against a Triumph Thunderbird Sport 1200, but that was pure action 😉

    Our camp with KKs flag 😉

    Next race event is end of July/1. Aug in Chambley/France.

    Cheers, Michael



    Hi Lonesomes,

    there are some videos available that shows the track “Spreewaldring” and the event “Built not bought”.

    First video is a training session on a Laverda 1000, 3 cylinder. The driver uses about the same rev range and shifting points as I use them. Feels like I am on the track 😉


    Another video shows the LeMans start at my race, the Caferacer Gold Cup over 650ccm.
    Took a long time to prepare the start, so we start at 2:50min (you can see me just at the right hand side) until 4:48min where Paul overtook me.
    This video is a kind of video examination that shows me where to optimise my line on the track.



    Another video of Bert “Zippi” on his Yamaha TZ350 shows above situation and some rounds more following me.


    This last weekend I attended the german Caferacer Forum annual meeting and the “Vienna” won – uncleaned and as ist was after the Built not bought – the 2. place as “Best Custom (Non Caferacer)”.
    What a lucky day 😉

    Cheers, Michael



    Such great looking bikes, Michael! And so exciting to be on the track!

    I’ve been riding for almost 30 years, gone to the races, worked in the put, but never rode on a track.  Once my kz750 is done I do plan on some track days!

    Thankfully, there is a track only a few miles away from where I have recently moved to in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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