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Next up is the sprocket and carrier.

The sprocket looked like it would still be ok but would need a lot of cleaning. There was a lot of rock-hard chain lube on everything. This stuff had to be chipped off with a blade.

Its really thick

Lots of chipping later and its ready for wire brushing

I started the wire brushing on the teeth to check the condition. Hardly worn at all. This sprocket should still be good.

After a lot of wire brushing its all clean. I had planned to plate it but it wont fit in the tank so I will paint it instead.

All painted, fresh from the oven and looking spiffy 🙂

Now to tackle the sprocket carrier. 

I treated it to the same scraping and chipping as the sprocket.

That’s the easy part done. The only way I could shift the stuff in all the recesses was with a small screwdriver and a lot of patience.

It took ages to get it like this. I followed up with some steel wool and scotch brite. There is still too much oxide to paint this so I decided to just wire brush instead.

After wire brushing its ready for paint. I also did a bit of sanding to the outer rim. The scratches aren’t too deep for paint to fill.

Masked and ready. I masked up the whole area above the sprocket and I plan to just polish that part after painting.

After a couple of coats of paint

And with the masking removed. Look pretty good I think.



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