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Been a long year so far – gone very quickly !

Trouble with computers and life in general. Time for a bit of a ketchup.

The Metallic Silver I eventually picked has now been applied to the seat, although they neglected to tell me it was a base coat paint ! Needs lacquer. Never mind, the colour is what I wanted.

Then I’ve been agonising [?] over the stripes and graffix. The side of the “tank” will get traditional Manx Norton pinstriping, but I decided the top needed something to break up the Silver. So “Cobra” stripe it was. After mocking up several I’ve decided on one broad stripe with 2 x 1/8″ or 1/16″ [ pictured ] outer stripes. That makes masking a much simpler job and has the right look.

The exhaust has now had a final mock up and once the new 45 degree bend arrives we can start the final assembly and welding. The collector WILL be level with the headers and the silencer [ ha, ha ] will be as high up under the seat as we can get it with the outlet point down.

I now have my second twin plug head – this time with 12mm secondary plugs to give a bit of safety against hot spots around the valve seats when the NOS is squeezed.

Hopefully work will now begin on the Glemseck engine rebuild.

The Weber 40 DCOE is undergoing sonic cleaning and will be assembled with “whatif” baseline jets, chokes etc.

Once the exhaust is completed we can start packaging all the electronics, NOS components, fuel pumps, etc. We’ve lost the area under the seat [ fuel filler and exhaust ], but still plenty of room under the tank, in the belly fairing and if we run out of space – we have the 1/2 fairing.

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