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Hello again all. Hope everyone is well and ready for lockdown to end!

So as an update, brakes are sorted, electrics at the headlight end all working (now I know the twin filament bulbs are supposed to be there lol).  New oil filter and oil. Why oil do you guys use for yours? I’ve just out some 10w40 in as a wash through for a few miles (when it hits the road) before replacing with proper stuff.

Mirrors ordered and fitted. Last week’s job was removing carbs, stripping and putting through the ultrasonic cleaner then replacing all jets and seals etc with a service kit. All done and dusted and perfect.

The carb service fixed my “running on 1 cylinder issue” , but now it is running on both cylinders, but the left one sounds like it’s giving a “puffing” noise, like a steam train sound as you put the engine under load/revving. I’ve also noticed a bit of oil around the exhaust manifold on both cylinders. Does this mean valve seals or could it be something else? How difficult are the seals to get and replace? I’m no engine specialist but I’ll give most things a go.

I could post a video if that would help anyone to diagnose my issue. Any ideas greatly appreciated as I just want to get this old. Girl back on the road where she should be.


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