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I was wondering what fertiliser you used in that plant box? When I tried that with Tomorite everything came out red!
The wiring refurb is interesting. The only time that my B1 stopped on me was in France. A fuse had blown, I replaced and it went again. What had happened was that when I fitted the Oxford cockpit fairing, I had to remove the headlight unit, disconnect it, fit it into the fairing and then re-connect. That meant that the wires were pulled forward a few inches and one of them was rubbing on the edge of the hole that the loom passed through in the back of the headlamp shell. It had chafed through the insulation and shorted out. Some insulation tape fixed it. I hadn’t previously noticed that there was no rubber grommet in this hole as there has been on every British bike that I’ve ever owned. If there had been it would never have happened. It had never occurred to me to look there when I fitted the (excellent) Cockpit fairing, which was similar to that fitted to the BMW R90S.

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