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I left those to dry and harden for a couple of days and set about cleaning the other parts. The bezel retaining ring is Stainless and cleans up a treat. I picked up a tip for cleaning the glass of using cigar ash. Believe me it does work a treat. The seals although tarnished with rust were in great shape and rcovered well with a soak and clean. The dials were in excellent condition but I did switch the needle on the rev counter. I also noticed a difference with the clock glasses. The early models have a domed glass whereas on the later models the glass is flat.It was now time to reassemble them. This is when the jig really comes into it’s own.

Bend the bezel back in stages again to minimise damage.

Then we get this

They are not perfect and new looking but it didn’t want that as I don’t want to raise any suspicion about the bikes mileage.

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