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Slow progress but …. well slow ! That’s been progress with life and the Glemseck this year.

Lot’s of incidental work going on, but nothing that constitutes real visible progress. The exhaust was due to be completed 2 moths ago, but the company making the 120 degree bends [ inside the frame ] and swaging the ends can’t get the basic stock from their suppliers. That would have been a real boost to see the exhaust system completed.

I did get the Manx tank cover detailed and prepped ready for the Silver base coat. After one false start I swapped from my detailing gun to a full size spray gun and I got he coverage and flow I needed to get an idea of the finish. I only had trade thinners – supplier out of stock of premium grade I need for the top coats and lacquer. However …… it IS Silver !!! There’s a shitload of aluminium mini flakes in the paint [ why the spotting gun wasn’t coping ] and it has the look [ close one eye ] of an Aluminium tank ! Once the clear lacquer is on I think it’s pretty close to the finish I had in my mind. I’ve done a couple of test pieces of GRP and I’ll try both Satin and Gloss lacquer

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