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KK, she has arrived and looks pretty original. Even the clutch and brake lever have the crappy old laquer still on that has aged to yellow. Needs a little TLC and a good once over but hopefully have her on the road soon. Do need some consumables but can’t get the “Shop” drop down to work for me. Will try to work out how to add photos. Would like to see a photo of the luggage rack you have – if you could email me a photo and what you would like to get for it, that would be great thanks.

I have the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd’s, “Kawasaki Model Recognition 1963-1981” second revision Jan 6 1982 and fourth edition Jun 17 1993, which shows model profiles and specs for every model by year. It doesn’t differentiate for each market however. Photo of the 1976 B1 has short rear guard and no seat strap, ditto for 1977 B2. The 1978 B3 photo has longer rear guard and seat strap, the 1979 B4 photo reverts back to short rear guard and no seat strap. I am pretty sure that most of Kawasaki’s 70’s road bikes had short guards and no seat strap for the USA market but longer rear guards and seat straps for UK/Europe. Cheers Bevan

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