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Hi Jon, that certainly looks promising! Both mudguards look original, they’re as rare as hens’ teeth so worth hanging onto. There are light dimples on the front. I’ve got a 1978 B3 under restoration and close to finishing but the powder coaters and painters used aren’t anywhere near Portsmouth I’m afraid. Others who see this in the next few days might be better informed in that respect. I had a B1 from new in 1976 for four years and loved it. My brother bought a new Z650B1 from new at the same time and we did some happy miles together. I can’t remember now if the valve shim tool was in the kit, to be honest I never did the valve adjustment because it was dealer serviced all of the way through. I’m sure that when Andy (Kaptain Kwak!) sees this he will have things to add. It will be great to see your progress! Cheers, Colin.

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