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Hi Karl

Please see below

Full gasket set – I only have top end gasket sets at the moment. They covering everything from the large ‘O’ ring on the bottom of the barrels up except for the valve guide seals. I have got Clutch cover, Points cover, Generator cover, Transmission cover, Clutch adjuster cover and Oil pump gaskets separately and can add them if this helps you. It does work out a bit more expensive as it costs me more to buy this way.

Cam chain – Yes

Std rings (78m) – Yes

Gudgeon pin clips – Yes. I have the Gudgeon pins (new) as well if you need them.

Used parts req:

Cam chain tensioner –  Just the Plunger and both Springs?

Kicker outer cover – Yes

Pair exhaust clamps, that hold pipes onto head, I have made a pair but if you have a pair knocking about maybe better bet. – Yes

As soon as you confirm exactly what you want I will work out the price.



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