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Hi Paul, join the gang! That all sounds really promising. I bought my original B1 new in 1976 and did a lot of happy miles on it. I could never understand some of the stuff that was said about it because none of that sounded like the bike I was riding! My recent US import 1978 B3 is getting close to completing its restoration and I’m really looking forward to riding one again after forty years! I remember Mike’s dealership well, close to Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham. It was a joint venture between him and Rod Gould and sadly wasn’t a commercial success, it didn’t last long.
I’m hoping that we will see an awakening of interest in the Z750B Twin and some more of them on the road. Real Classic and Classic Bike Guide magazines have reported very favourably on it against the Laverda 750SF and Honda CB750K and describe it as I still remember it very well.


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