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Hi Danny and welcome to our site.

Yes you are right it is indeed a rare model, a K2 as I mentioned earlier and in original colour scheme. I have not seen one before and I am quite sure neither have most people here..

When the 750 twin was launched back in 1976 it was never a popular bike. They made 12 models in total and not one of them was a market buster. Again as I previously advised the K2 was Canada only so in our world it is a rare Gem.

It still isn’t a massive hitter like the 650’s, 900’s and 1000’s but interest is definitely on the increase so it is difficult to give it a value. As with all things it’s only worth what someone is prepared to pay and that increases with interest. I would like to think it is worth around £3k to £4k.

I have quite a large stock of spares and I will see if I can dig you out a rear footpeg. Is it the full assembly you need or just the peg?

I would also like to use some of you pictures for my history and model information.



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