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    Danny Bailey

    Hello everyone.  I feel a great pleasure to be accepted into this unique collector’s page.

    My baby is a 1984 KZ 750 LTD.  Oh yes… did I say I’m from Canada ?  She’s in great

    shape and is the love of my motor vehicle life.  Apparently this model could be rare ?

    Would love to know.  Also I have no idea what it is truly worth to a collector.  Any

    ideas ?  The only part I need is an extra rear foot peg for the left side if any one has

    any leads that would be wonderful.


    Hi Danny and welcome to our site.

    Yes you are right it is indeed a rare model, a K2 as I mentioned earlier and in original colour scheme. I have not seen one before and I am quite sure neither have most people here..

    When the 750 twin was launched back in 1976 it was never a popular bike. They made 12 models in total and not one of them was a market buster. Again as I previously advised the K2 was Canada only so in our world it is a rare Gem.

    It still isn’t a massive hitter like the 650’s, 900’s and 1000’s but interest is definitely on the increase so it is difficult to give it a value. As with all things it’s only worth what someone is prepared to pay and that increases with interest. I would like to think it is worth around £3k to £4k.

    I have quite a large stock of spares and I will see if I can dig you out a rear footpeg. Is it the full assembly you need or just the peg?

    I would also like to use some of you pictures for my history and model information.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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