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Head was taken off with new valves and gasket fitted.   Valve gaps checked and new shims fitted. Time for a compression test, cannot turn the engine over with stater motor even with both plugs out (clutch rebuild kit fitted, but gear needs changing), so have to do it with the kick start.   No down pipes or airbox/filter fitted and kicking it over the bike is definitely squeezing and blowing out a lot more air then before but could not get the compression more then 60, tried again but putting the spark plug back in the other side, this should make it harder to kick over but it did stop my foot slipping off smacking my leg on the chop frame, now got the readings to be 152 & 155.  I was going to try to start it but the carbs are now peeing out fuel out the right drain tap, so carbs will have to come off again to sort this.

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