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The bike was bought as a non-runner…… so there had to be a reason? – right.  Sometime its just lack of use and stands in the shed for years.  But this bike was complete and turned over with compression.  All the electrics worked except the starter system.

“The starter clutch needs fixing” said the PO.  Fair enough, I thought.

So I have had a look before buying the necessary starter bits.  Oh dear.  Somebody had put the rotor back on and hammered it into place.  The woodruff key was not in the right place.  There are bits of metal and a poor looking rotor.  The actual starter bits still look OK.

Is it possible to buy a woodruff key?…… but I expect the rotor is all churned up and beyond fixing.

This is bike restoring.

Anyway, the exhausts were at a specialist being fixed until they rang up to say they were beyond repair.  I suspect they could not be bothered….. maybe.  So that’s become another issue


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