• Just an update….. I finally looked at the end of the crankshaft where the rotor is held in place by the woodruff key… its all been cut away, or broken away.

    So, that’s the electric start done for at least.  Maybe it can be tightened up enough for the generator to still work.

    Hopefully the engine is ok……

  • The bike was bought as a non-runner…… so there had to be a reason? – right.  Sometime its just lack of use and stands in the shed for years.  But this bike was complete and turned over with compression.  All the electrics worked except the starter system.

    “The starter clutch needs fixing” said the PO.  Fair enough, I thought.

    So I have had…[Read more]

  • So, a new discovery.  Those fork caps.  I thought they would be steel and chrome.  Mine are not rusty, just dull and scruffy.  So I took them off for a clean.

    I guess they are an alloy with chrome?.  Anyway, not being rusty is a bonus, and they have gone back on a bit brighter/cleaner.

    It’s only a small thing and for a change does not cost a fo…[Read more]

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    Thanks Kaptain.  I was surprised that they were Zinc plated.  In fact most things seem to be.  Well they have all been de-zinced, polished and sent to the Zinc platers.  37 bits all re-zinced for 20 quid.  Much quicker and cheaper than chrome plating.

    I know I need to fix the starter clutch.  I have not tried it yet.

    Are those “Starter Clutc…[Read more]

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    I have realise that the rear grab rail is missing…. Its for the B2 – 1977.  I read in previous posts that some may have been re-made in stainless and/or found in the USA.

    If true, are any still available.?

    Where did they all go?



  • Well we have to start somewhere.  Its very complete which is a change.  I have not heard it running.  I know there are some issues to fix …. like the starter clutch is slipping and the brakes need sorting.  Most of the electrics are working.  The oil was very clean.

    Here is a pic.

    As usual with my new projects I take most bits off the bike…[Read more]

  • Hello,  After ages of looking for a KZ750 I finally found one and bought it.  Its the first Kawasaki I have owned.  I already have a number of Honda/Suzuki and other bikes.  Including a Yamaha XS650 XS2.  Which is why I fancied a KZ750…… A big old parallel twin.  Not much loved in their day.  But becoming more so.

    Now for the pain of return…[Read more]

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