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Thanks fellas.  Like the ol’Twins, I’ll never die… and I hope the same for you and yours…  Or wait, then you’d all be vampires or something.  Scratch that.

I got a 2017 Thruxton last month.  The wife said, in order to get the new bike, I had to sell one of my old bikes.  So the 2011 Thruxton went up for sale.  A few days into the sale, the wife says something like, “…I didn’t want you to sell the Thruxton… I *thought* you’d sell one of the *old* bikes (meaning one or both of my KZ750s)..”  Anyway, I explained that I’m more of a caretaker of a historical piece and its record, and must own them to the grave.  She grumbled, but understood.  Now I have to KZ750s and two Thruxtons.  😉  And an amazingly understanding wife.  😀

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