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Endless Nameless
route66paul wrote:
Endless, Nameless wrote:
Still not sure quite how I ended up in the situation, but I’ve set myself the aim of getting a z750 twin in the next 4 years. I’ll get a smaller bike first once I’ve got me test (still on for this summer) and get a zed when my restrictions up, which should coincide with me not being a lazy student and getting a real job.

I have this feeling that you are using Brit slang. As an American. I am not up on all that.

1. what does “I’ll get a smaller bike first once I’ve got me test” mean?

2. What is a zed? and what restrictions are you waiting out?

Ahh, now over here, you can take a “CBT” (complusory basic training) which allows you to ride a moped (aged 16) or from 17 onwards any 125cc or less motorbike. Which is why I’ve got a honda cg125 at the moment!
Once you’ve done that you can take your full test, which I what I was referring to in your first point. If you are under 21, the “full” bike test restricts you to riding a bike that produces under 33hp, hence my comment about buying a smaller bike, smaller bike being a smaller one than a z750 twin, which is what I was referring to by “zed” by the way.

The restriction I was on about is the 33hp restriction I mentioned above. As long as you take your test before you are 21 this restriction runs for 2 years. You can take the test any age after 17. If you are over 21 you can do direct access which lets you ride any bike straight off.

So my plan is to do my full test this summer, buy a smaller bike thats at least closer to the 33hp limit than a z750, run that for a couple of years, then buy a z750 when I can enjoy it without restrictions!

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