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dougyt wrote:
…You will need a puller to remove it apparently the rear wheel spindle is the correct thread and will work to remove the clutch.

Yep! The axle is the right size, at least it was on my ’78. However, I bought a puller from anyway, I cringed at the thought of damaging my axle when a few dollars could be spent on a puller. And my rear wheel could stay on….

And, you’ll need something to hold the rotor while removing the center bolt (its’ a left-handed thread!). That might be the biggest trick. See the pic below for an example of how I did it (the pic shows the wrench position for tightening, the wrench would flip over for loosening).

And since you’re starter clutch is most likely damaged, you’ll need a plan in that regard. By now you’ve read that I just took mine out for good!

Also, you’ll likely need a gasket for re-assembly…


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