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    when sitting on the bike the starter clutch is behind the lefthand engine cover. Remove the gear lever and l/h footrest, undo the bolts and take care not to damage the alternator windings as you remove the cover. There attached by a chain to the starter is the starter clutch.
    You will need a puller to remove it apparently the rear wheel spindle is the correct thread and will work to remove the clutch.


    Hi all here is probably the daftest question ever asked but here goes.
    My starter clutch works sometimes when the engine is hot but it doesn’t work when cold. I want to do it before I start to ride the bike as I don’t know its condition and it could be about to damage the engine (I have read the warnings on this site). In the absence of a manual (still trying to find one). Where is the starter clutch located? I am reasonably mecanically minded so I will be able to work my way through it but are there any words of caution when tackling this job. ❓ 😳


    Thanks Doud I will have a go the weekend.
    Joe 🙂

    dougyt wrote:
    …You will need a puller to remove it apparently the rear wheel spindle is the correct thread and will work to remove the clutch.

    Yep! The axle is the right size, at least it was on my ’78. However, I bought a puller from anyway, I cringed at the thought of damaging my axle when a few dollars could be spent on a puller. And my rear wheel could stay on….

    And, you’ll need something to hold the rotor while removing the center bolt (its’ a left-handed thread!). That might be the biggest trick. See the pic below for an example of how I did it (the pic shows the wrench position for tightening, the wrench would flip over for loosening).

    And since you’re starter clutch is most likely damaged, you’ll need a plan in that regard. By now you’ve read that I just took mine out for good!

    Also, you’ll likely need a gasket for re-assembly…



    howdy joe !
    just slow down to a gallop sir !
    there are to my mind four problems with the starter clutch ,
    first have a read of biques thread , mechanical , starter clutch warning and just take time to figure it out …
    but alternately if everything else checks out ,
    1. there is not enough charge in the battery .
    2. the brushes in the starter are worn , ?30 for a refurb kit .
    3. the gear and pinion wheels are clogged full of old grease .
    4. the rollers , plugs and springs are worn , ?36 fora refurb kit .
    a bench test of the starter motor out of situ might help a diagnosis ?
    only as you’d need to remove engine covers to figure it out ,
    best to coincide this with an oil change …

    any other ideas folks ??


    😆 hi joe i had mine done on the CSR which had the same problem as your experiencing took it to the bike shop cost ?160 done in three hours never missed a turn after

    nice tip Biquetoast and great pic 😆

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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