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Endless Nameless

And it’s probably the least chav- ish 125 in the world, ridden by the least chavish bloke… the thread title was a bit of a mickey take of what seems like every other 125 rider in Plymouth.

Meet my, as yet unnamed, CG folks!


My mate got her back from Yeovil OK (other than him freezing and getting drenched), she’s actually far tidier than I thought it would be! In need of a little TLC perhaps but otherwise pretty good. Had my first ride on a geared, clutched bike this evening then, trundling up and down the cobbled alley behind my house! I love it, cant wait to do my cbt when I have a bit more money!

Anyway, sorry for boring you with a bike thats not only not a lonesome, but not even a kawasaki!
It’s only a stepping stone, trust me!

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