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    Endless Nameless

    Way to brian man innit!

    She looks cool to me does your Plymouth Plodder.

    Keep it real mate and get saving up!

    Endless Nameless

    And it’s probably the least chav- ish 125 in the world, ridden by the least chavish bloke… the thread title was a bit of a mickey take of what seems like every other 125 rider in Plymouth.

    Meet my, as yet unnamed, CG folks!


    My mate got her back from Yeovil OK (other than him freezing and getting drenched), she’s actually far tidier than I thought it would be! In need of a little TLC perhaps but otherwise pretty good. Had my first ride on a geared, clutched bike this evening then, trundling up and down the cobbled alley behind my house! I love it, cant wait to do my cbt when I have a bit more money!

    Anyway, sorry for boring you with a bike thats not only not a lonesome, but not even a kawasaki!
    It’s only a stepping stone, trust me!


    nice bike brian …
    my first road legal one was a honda xl 125 !
    enjoy 8)


    I had a monoshock xl125 with a cg125 engine in it, initially it had a short lived hybrid engine, one crankcase half was xl125 the other was cb100n, only problem was half the hole in the crankcases was 125 sized and the other half has 100cc sized.
    After a judicious bit of whackery with a hammer and a wood chisel both sides were the same size, it ran quite well really but a cg lump came up for free from my ex wifes brother so i put that in instead.
    Me and the brother in law had a gas for a couple of years, both had bigger bikes but we both kept a cg/xl each, sadly he T-boned a car on his way back from Sherburn in Elmet on his ZXR750 and was killed instantly.
    God bless you Jason Hey..


    Anyhoo my suggestion for a name for the bike is CatGut, its highly strung and makes a horrible noise too! 😯

    Endless Nameless

    I cannae call it that! It’s a nice little bike.

    Wondering if I should carry on the magic roundabout theme, after all I have Dougal and Florence (the Landies).

    I’m thinking maybe not, as thats a sorta Landrovery thing for me. I’m sure inspiration will come. Katie is in my mind, for some reason!


    Nice one Brian 🙂

    Don’t forget you need not be doing a ton to get wiped up by a girl doing her make up driving a renault clitoris.

    keep it shiny side up and hope you have many happy years biking 😆


    I quite liked catgut, had a series of bikes named pissywitch, mostly due to their inability to keep their vital fluids internal.
    Here’s a few more ‘ConGenital’ its rusty crusty and hangs under your bollocks like a wart?
    ‘Contrarotating Gears’ thems what drive the pushrods.
    ‘CoGniscienti ‘ you know whats going around.


    Please don’t take offence i’m just shooting the breeze, cg’s are absolute bedrock motorcycles, solid dependable and a hoot to bomb around on.
    ‘ConGruent’ it gets you where you want to be?
    I should work for one of those ad agencys, I’m at least as bad as they are.

    Endless Nameless

    Lol, no offence taken! You be making me laugh sir. It’s a CG, it’s old and tatty, you are SUPPOSED to take the piss out of it, thats what its there for!

    And, well, we all gotta start somewhere. For ?300 I wasnt sure I could go wrong, shame I’m too skint for my CBT right now. My friend is strongly considering riding it home to Lincolnshire to do his test on over Christmas though, as he thinks its a better choice than his NSR. He’s the one that rode it from Yeovil- here so he’s obviously pretty confident in its reliability.

    Just cant wait to get going now! Gonna take it very easy at first, especially as I dont know the roads here.


    Have a tit about offroad before you do your cbt if you can, it’ll stand you in good stead.
    It will also teach you how not to leave the expensive bike you buy after you pass your test on its side the first time you ride into a gravel car park.

    Endless Nameless

    Not sure how practical it will be to get much pre CBT practice in- there arent many places in a city centre to learn unfortunately! I wont be doing the CBT on my bike though, dont want to drop it straight away and I’m sure I will on the CBT… right pessimist, me.
    Having got my CBT I’ll go out and find some places where I can learn to ride in awkward situations, such as slippy/ poorly surfaced roads and gravel.
    Got dartmoor to play on down here, and back home (hopefully I’ll ride home for the easter break) most my riding will be on rough backlanes.

    May even test the CG’s offroadability if i get the chance 😀

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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