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Yes, the float bowls were both full.

The carbs were ultrasonically cleaned last year and they were drained before storage. The tank was resprayed last year, so that had been drained as well.

It had fresh fuel in it for the start-up.

It fired and ran for about four or five seconds and then cut out. I thought that maybe I moved the throttle slightly and that had caused it to stop, but it hasn’t fired since.

I have tried every combination of choke (sorry, enrichment device) and throttle, but it won’t even spit.

If I take the plugs out and lay them on the cylinder heads, I get a spark at both plugs and after some attempts to start, the tops of the pistons are wet with fuel, so I know it’s getting fuel through.

This is why I suspect the ignition coil. In the past I have known coils to supply a spark with the plugs out, but when they are installed they can’t cope with firing under compression.

I just wondered if anyone has had a similar issue.

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