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OK, the new ignition coil and plug caps arrived. Wrong coil. Still, I tried something else. I found that all of a sudden, I have no spark at either the plugs or when I flick the points open. This was all working previously.

So, I ran a direct feed from the battery live to the coil input and BINGO! It started FIRST KICK.

So the present situation is that the engine will not crank on the electric starter, there is no ignition feed. No power at the starter solenoid apart from the main, thick battery cable.

I’m thinking I might have to investigate the ignition switch area. Maybe a loose/bad connection?

It had a new ignition switch fitted a short while ago and I also fitted a new headlamp. So maybe the switch is partially unplugged or I may have disturbed some wiring connections in that area.

I’m checking today.

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