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Right guys we’ve made some more progress. We are now in the process of arranging to book to go to Pont de Deulin which is where we had the 1st International meeting. We are going to hire a field at the campsite for our exclusive use. We can also have a bonfire there which is a must for our German brothers with their barbeque griddle . The 😀 . Also we will have some music and are hoping to have a party tent in case the weather isn’t favourable.

Travel arrangements will stay the same except Pont deDeulin is 50km (half hour) closer for us from the UK so even less of an excuse to not go.

Costs are very reasonable. We have negotiated a total cost of 1000 euro’s for the field for 3 night. That is 500 Euro’s per night with Sunday night for free.

Definate attendee’s number 25 so far. That works out at 40 Euro’s per head. The more people that come the lower the cost will be. If we make 40 which we believe we can then the cost would be 25 Euro’s which for what we are getting is an absolute bargain IMHO.

If you have an issue shout up. If you want to bring a friend that is fine whether they ride a 750 twin or not. The more the merrier and cheaper the cost.

I will be looking to book the ferries by the end of this month (Feb). Please make sure you have your money ready.

Once the booking is fully confirmed I will start a fresh thread as I did for Luxembourg dedicated to this trip but locked.



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