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whipkwakaway wrote:
you might fall foul of the proposed ?10 smoking licence 😆

On a serious note… I read about that proposal. I’m just not surprised anymore. I want to be more stunned. I want people to be upset and march in the streets with shovels and axes. But nobody will. The license will be enacted, and people will pay it with only a minor complaint. Next will be… what… and oxygen-use fee…?

…remember, this is how they “banned” the use of marijuana here in the states originally. They passed rules requiring a “stamp” to use it… then just never bothered to make any stamps…

You see… they really don’t want you to stop smoking… they want you to have to break the law, so there will be more “crime” so they can offer more “protection” from yourself…. AAAUUGGH!! Off to get a vodka on the rocks…

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