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    The thing with smoking is the government would lose too much revenue by an outright tobacco ban. This way they can get more out of every smoker, and nobody can say they have put more tax on tobacco products, so it’s a backdoor stealth tax on cigarettes.
    The government makes more for the kitty, anyone who smokes either coughs up (pardon the pun) or is liable to a fine for not having the smoking licence.
    Just for the record I’ve never smoked, but if others want to that should be their choice and I don’t agree with all the stealth taxes on everything here in the UK.
    I do see a flaw in the plan though, and that is pushing smokers towards illegally imported cigarettes. There are lots around already, but if someone can’t buy cigarettes legally without a licence they have to pay for they may well look for an alternative supply chain. Duty free cigarettes coming in from the continent are already easy to obtain, and cheaper than shop bought, I can see it being a profitable enterprise for the criminal elements. Pay less for your cigs, and avoid buying a licence…


    you might fall foul of the proposed ?10 smoking licence lol

    whipkwakaway wrote:
    you might fall foul of the proposed ?10 smoking licence 😆

    On a serious note… I read about that proposal. I’m just not surprised anymore. I want to be more stunned. I want people to be upset and march in the streets with shovels and axes. But nobody will. The license will be enacted, and people will pay it with only a minor complaint. Next will be… what… and oxygen-use fee…?

    …remember, this is how they “banned” the use of marijuana here in the states originally. They passed rules requiring a “stamp” to use it… then just never bothered to make any stamps…

    You see… they really don’t want you to stop smoking… they want you to have to break the law, so there will be more “crime” so they can offer more “protection” from yourself…. AAAUUGGH!! Off to get a vodka on the rocks…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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