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Hi Michael

Thank you for getting back to me.

All this Carb setting up stuff is new to me,so any info is a great help.

I have a set of 750 carbs here ready to strip down and clean up,& re jet. and I have some new stainless bolts to replace the old worn screws.So once Ive got my jets sorted I can get on with that.

The lines on the tank and the tail unit,Ive done with twin line silver pinstripe on a roll, I have just put it on following the curves of the tank,and on the tail unit I tried to mimic the original lines that the tail piece had before?

I have just gone with what I thought looked good and took my time with the paint work & striping.
Once I was happy with the look I have lacquered over it all,so the pin striping will not rub off.(I Hope!) 😕

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