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The rear light and it’s holder is welded to the frame in new position.
Looks good.

Engine is out of the frame and is already blasted with dry ice (carbon dioxid snow?).
The result is pretty awesome and the cost was below 100,- Euros.

Don’t have good photos on hand, just one of the separate blasted sprocket cover.
I am sure you know, how the inside of such a cover of a chain-driven bike may look like.
Now it is perfectly clean – and the complete engine as well.

Next step is to strip the whole bike and get the frame, swingarm and some other parts sand-blasted and powder coated.

In parallel the front fork, wheels and brakes should get their rework.

Base plate of the seat is still a challenge !

I have bought the used instruments of a Honda XBR500, as I use them on my first Twin for more than 20 years now and they can be mounted way lower than the stock ones. Control lights are integrated, manual driven speed counter and electronic rev counter. Even the “red area” matches that of a Twin.
(Pic shows the ones, that are in use on my first Twin, not yet mounted on this latest Twin)

Slight progress, but it is moving on 😉

Cheers, Michael

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