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Just thought I’d post a little update. I was able to get the float valve seat out without taking the carbs off. I cut a stick to length so I could support them and wedge it between the gearbox and the carb crossmember. That was just so I could pull down on the valve without stressing the carb holders. Then I grabbed the valve with a pair of needle nose and twisted while pulling down. Popped that baby out. What’s cool is while researching I found the Yammie 650’s have BS34’s too. But the sweet part is they use a Viton tipped needle. I replaced the valve with a new set from the local Yamaha dealer and all is well. No more leakage and less than an hour in the garage. Never missed a beat on the road. Just something to keep in mind if any other 750’s have the same problem. 🙂

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