Re: Re: cdi


Hi Tango,

I rely on the contactless CDI ignition since riding Kawa Z750Twins.

I can remember the s%$&, pardon, bad situations using points on my 50 ccm mopeds (Kreidler, Zuendapp).

If I would have a choice, I would go with contactless ignition all the time. Maybe having a spare blackbox with me when riding around the world 😉

I didn’t made a conversion to CDI to a B motor and electric. I just swapped the matching motor and the electric of a CSR into the B1 frame.

There should a “rotor with a nose” be part of the kit. The rotor for CDI is different than the B rotor, but the mechanical timing advancer is the same, as far as I know.

Cheers, Michael

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