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Well there is a variety of responses to this post, some supportive, some helpful and some non constructive.

Let me respond with this;

Firstly I do not want to close the site I am just struggling to justify my input with very little input from others.

I know the site isn’t the most user friendly site going but it IS useable with a little effort.

I understand the ease of using facebook. I have been a member once but was put off by the random crap that goes with it and also the poison some members want to dish out. It is not a place for dedicated enthusiasts of something specific. That being said I am not against facebook. It does have it’s place in lives and can be beneficial. I am actually in support from the point of view that it is another area to spread the gospel of the twins but it will never be the focal point of such knowledge and help that an owners forum can supply and this one does.

I would also like to point out that without this forum most of you would probably never have met and maybe would not have a working twin or even a broken one. You certainly would not have had the support you have had.

As you all know this site does not charged for membership. It is entirely FREE. All I have asked from everyone is that you contribute every now and again with posts about your adventures with your twins being that progress on a project or ride outs and meets. Is that unreasonable for me to ask? I know I encourage pictures and some of you struggle with that for various reasons. I do try and resolve your problems but sometimes you have to make the effort too. Anyone and everyone CAN type a few words if they can be arsed.

As Philpass said I do have such big plans for the Lonesometwin site. I have tried to move forward with what members have asked for in particular the shop. The response has been pitiful. I have been asked to include specific items which I have sourced and there has been NO response from those people. That is a fine way of spending my time for zero response.

I have been asked to organise rideouts, meets, trips etc which I have done with good initial response but when it comes to the actual event being put into gear attendees always dwindle from the mid teens to 3 max.

We have never had more than 5 twins together here in the UK yet we have over 130 members. Imagine if you can how excited I am that there will be 4 twins doing the Lancashire ride of the DGR.

I am still looking at ways to improve the site as we speak and I will see how things develop before I make any decision on the sites future.

I do not want it to disappear and I hope you don’t either.

Remember where your roots are.


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