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    Due to the lack of interest and activity of the site I am contemplating closing it down.

    Most twin owners I know seem to communicate using facebook for which I have no interest and am not a member.

    I spend most of my time on this site creating membership for people who never post and deleting spam messages from the admin email.

    Maintaining and running the site is quite time consuming for me but it only produces minimal positive results. My time could be better spent doing other much better things.

    I think has now run it’s course



    Hi KK. It will be sad if you close this site down but things move on and so should you!
    Sorry that you feel that way about Facebook but it’s the way of the world right now, it’s easy to use updateable from virtually in the world and hassle free! I wish we could convince you to use fb as it is virtually maintenance free and no band width costs whatsoever…. Yes I have lonesome philpass Tango and Magpie on my Facebook we chat share things and like things of each other’s posts…… So please consider joining us in out virtual world 😉 love and peace kaye xx.

    Thank you for all your help and support over the last few years 🙂


    Sad thought but, understandable Kaptain. Your time has value too so, you should spend it wisely.

    Whatever your decision we do appreciate all you have done over the years.


    And you had such plans


    It would be a shame to close buddy, but I understand where your coming from.
    I very rarely go on a computer these days everything is done on my phone.
    It is a little harder to navigate using a phone.. And unfortunately phone cameras are so high quality these days that the photos they produce are to big to upload. I’ve found putting my camera on manual setting and changing the pixels to the lowest settings let’s me upload photos..
    But it is possible, but it would be worth doing it if everyone who looked at the site actually posted something! anything! Just to add some content change.


    Well said Tango, i ditto you 😉


    Hi Andy,

    that is a hard decision !

    Will you leave the site online and just remove the possibility to become a new member ?

    It would be very sad to loose that much of information and pics.

    Maybe I can host the collected information on our german website if you don’t want to keep the website alive ?

    We stay in touch 😉

    Cheers, Michael

    PS: I do not use Facebook and I do not use Smartphones to visit websites.


    just about every forum I’ve been a member of has closed due to the rise of facebook,such a shame a lot of info has been lost forever…


    Sorry to hear this, Pat and Kay are correct, Several forums I know of have closed down for the same reason. You have done well to do what you have.
    Wishing you all the best in the future.

    Mike J


    Hi Kaptain.
    Due to work loads etc I dip in and out of the site.
    I find it a font of info dude plus there is always something new to read when I return.
    It would be a shame to close site but you are the one doing the work!
    If it was me it would never have made it to the web
    I’d like you to keep up the good work!!!!!


    Well there is a variety of responses to this post, some supportive, some helpful and some non constructive.

    Let me respond with this;

    Firstly I do not want to close the site I am just struggling to justify my input with very little input from others.

    I know the site isn’t the most user friendly site going but it IS useable with a little effort.

    I understand the ease of using facebook. I have been a member once but was put off by the random crap that goes with it and also the poison some members want to dish out. It is not a place for dedicated enthusiasts of something specific. That being said I am not against facebook. It does have it’s place in lives and can be beneficial. I am actually in support from the point of view that it is another area to spread the gospel of the twins but it will never be the focal point of such knowledge and help that an owners forum can supply and this one does.

    I would also like to point out that without this forum most of you would probably never have met and maybe would not have a working twin or even a broken one. You certainly would not have had the support you have had.

    As you all know this site does not charged for membership. It is entirely FREE. All I have asked from everyone is that you contribute every now and again with posts about your adventures with your twins being that progress on a project or ride outs and meets. Is that unreasonable for me to ask? I know I encourage pictures and some of you struggle with that for various reasons. I do try and resolve your problems but sometimes you have to make the effort too. Anyone and everyone CAN type a few words if they can be arsed.

    As Philpass said I do have such big plans for the Lonesometwin site. I have tried to move forward with what members have asked for in particular the shop. The response has been pitiful. I have been asked to include specific items which I have sourced and there has been NO response from those people. That is a fine way of spending my time for zero response.

    I have been asked to organise rideouts, meets, trips etc which I have done with good initial response but when it comes to the actual event being put into gear attendees always dwindle from the mid teens to 3 max.

    We have never had more than 5 twins together here in the UK yet we have over 130 members. Imagine if you can how excited I am that there will be 4 twins doing the Lancashire ride of the DGR.

    I am still looking at ways to improve the site as we speak and I will see how things develop before I make any decision on the sites future.

    I do not want it to disappear and I hope you don’t either.

    Remember where your roots are.


    old red eyes

    Great site it would be sad to see it go. I am a member of the Real Classic magazine Facebook group, I believe it is a closed group visited by accepted members only . It’s very informative and on occasion very funny , would a closed group work for lonesome twin?


    I’ve only just joined, I can’t have upset you already.
    Seriously though I certainly hope you reconsider. I don’t have time to run something like this and have great admiration and appreciation for anyone who has the enthusiasm and determination to spend so much of their time providing this service.
    I am a member of another single model forum and find it has always been invaluable for getting info and help, spares and ideas.
    So from a purely selfish perspective, I hope you keep going.
    Posting photos is pretty easy if you put them on a PC, open them in Microsoft and reduce them to document or even e-mail size.
    Let the good times roll


    Well I did try and buy your bikes KennyS but I won’t hold that against you 😆

    I don’t want to close the site in fact I am trying to improve it but if people aren’t going to use it i’m wasting my time.

    When I logged in this time I had to delete 36 spam emails. I have to check each one to find and not delete genuine applications. This takes time and has to be done daily to prevent a big build up which can fill the inbox. As well as this I do most of the dealing with members on the phone. I would prefer this to be done on the site but respect that is not always practical as some members are not very computer literate and we rarely see them on site. Also depending on the nature of the issue it can be a marathon to type out an accurate description of the issue.

    All in all this site does have it’s place in the twin world. I would like to keep it alive but that’s down to the members.


    I am sorry to see this site might be closing down. I feel the same way about facebook and am not a member. I still use a desktop computer and my cell-phone doesn’t even have a camera. My daughter calls me a dinosaur but still spends time on the desktop because of the large screen.
    I am usually on the site when all of you are in bed because I am on the other side of the world. I love to look at the pictures of other members rides and it has helped me to see how and where some of the parts go.
    If there is anything we can do to keep this site going, let all of us know and we will help. I know I am new here but I hope I am not stepping on anybody’s toe’s by being a spokesperson for everybody.
    Here is a picture of my wife, daughter and sons at my daughter’s recent graduation.

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