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Well I did try and buy your bikes KennyS but I won’t hold that against you 😆

I don’t want to close the site in fact I am trying to improve it but if people aren’t going to use it i’m wasting my time.

When I logged in this time I had to delete 36 spam emails. I have to check each one to find and not delete genuine applications. This takes time and has to be done daily to prevent a big build up which can fill the inbox. As well as this I do most of the dealing with members on the phone. I would prefer this to be done on the site but respect that is not always practical as some members are not very computer literate and we rarely see them on site. Also depending on the nature of the issue it can be a marathon to type out an accurate description of the issue.

All in all this site does have it’s place in the twin world. I would like to keep it alive but that’s down to the members.

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