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Hi guys,

I am astonished myself how it came out today ;-)))
I am very pleased !!!

Will keep the yellow mudguards.
It is a kind of sign where I can find my son riding on the peddock 😉
In the end it is flexible plastic, hard to paint !
Fuel tank was painted first time in green color, that may be changed to yellow as well.

Front fairing (instead of head light) is the non modified cover of a “10 liter white wall paint bucket”. By accident it is green 😉

Wonna have as less work with this bike as possible. It is very likely that colors will stay as is.
Maybe the wheels will get a full black paint.
Tires are looking better/wider on a black rim/wheel 😉

It is a “Built to purpose” and if it is laying on the ground the first time, color is a minor issue 😉

Cheers, Michael

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